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Become an Expert Negotiator – The book

Become an Expert Negotiator  – The book

Do you want to be more persuasive?
Do you want to close more deals and get more $$$ ?
Do you want to add, on top of your good negotiation intuition, another layer of professional tools?

The objective of this book is to improve your negotiation skills – getting you on your way to Become an Expert Negotiator. Your success is ours too.

THIS BOOK REACHED #3 ON THE AMAZON BEST SELLER LIST (NEGOTIATION CATEGORY – 100 books) IN JUST THREE WEEKS from release! (with Zero $s marketing investment)
WHY??!  Because Become an Expert Negotiator – Real-Life Sales and Negotiation Tactics was written by a real PRACTITIONER, provides real TIPS, implemented on real DEALS. NO THEORIES HERE – JUST TACTICS THAT WORK.


You may be a high-ranking CEO or a first day salesman, a service provider or self-employed. If you face encounters with your partners, clients, suppliers or employees, in which you want them to THINK DIFFERENTLY at the end of the meeting and actually DO WHAT YOU WANT (who doesn't, right?!) – this book is for YOU.

Daniel Weiser is a professional negotiator, normally acting as part of the negotiation team or leading it. The strategies and tactics presented in this book are used and implemented daily in his deal-making, in a variety of settings – hi-tech, commercial, real-estate, finance and others. They work for him and for his clients.

Buyers of the book will also receive for FREE a tutorial video of 10 EXTRA tips about Negotiation Execution Best Practices – for their sale or negotiation challenges, like –

• What are the 3 forces of persuasion?
• What is the secret of developing personal relations?
• What is important to remember when negotiating with a Chinese partner?
• How to reframe an alliance with your customer?
• How to structure the meeting wisely?
• How to QUANTIFY your VALUE? and more…
These tips are yours for FREE – as long as you intend on using them…

For the book's Recommendations, Content, Tip List (all tried-and-true!), Preface and Chapter 1 – see the "See Inside" above.
The book also includes –
– Over 25 specific tips about how to successfully persuade and influence your customer or partner.
– Over 20 real-life case studies, in which these tactics were applied. NO THEORIES IN THIS BOOK!
– 9 original illustrations and tables.

So if you want to move one step closer to… CLOSING your deal, READ THIS BOOK and it'll get you going there!