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Executive Negotiation Training

One-on-one managerial coaching for deal managment skills and expertise, including deal structuring, core negotiation processes, and negotiation management and execution.

Noticeable up-grading of personal negotiation competencies, including in-depth comprehension of interaction processes, ability to strategize the structure and outcome of the negotiation process, wise usage of negotiation and persuasion tool, etc.

Acquisition of skills to lead and pace the discussion to the destined outcome.

Transfer from preparation of a negotiation, to planning it.

sales management trainingAchieving the maximum potential out of each deal.

Reaching the status of being the "negotiator of choice" in the eyes of one's superiors.

Enhancement of negotiation capabilities in English.

Executive Negotiation Training – How dose it work?

Periodical meetings, weekly/ bi-weekly, of 2 hours each.

At these meetings, the executive's ongoing negotiation challenges, whether daily or extraordinary, will be addressed and the DDM technique will be implemented in these transactions. The result is a hand-on grasp of the effectiveness of DDM, for use in the long term.

The training can be conducted in English or Hebrew.

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