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In-house Negotiation Workshops


DealMakers’ Nego-Fore, Nego-After workshop provides professional negotiation strategy and tools for middle-to-senior managers and negotiators. The workshop covers aspects beginning from fundamentals of decision making and influence, through professional preparation and planning, daily negotiation must-haves (such as dealing w/ rejections), to leading the interaction for closing. The techniques are exemplified using case-studies of how they were implemented in real deals.


– Provide negotiation fundamentals of processes and dynamics;

– Enable control over the negotiation process;

– Enhance usage of advanced negotiation tools;

– Achieve higher outcomes in negotiations.


DealMakers’ Nego-Fore, Nego-After methodology is designed to tackle the three major weaknesses of in-house negotiation training workshops:

a. Use of workshop scenarios that are only marginally related to the participant’s working environment.

b. Disability to effectively implement the tools in later transactions.

c. Inability to perceive the concrete value of the workshop.

The workshop is structured so that the participatant will first negotiate in their regular way. Then during the workshop the DDM tools will be implemented into this scenario, and last the participants will do the negotiation again – this time with the noticable tools. Hence the effect of Nego-fore – Nego-after.

The seminar is a mix of "instructed disclosure" (in which the participant contributes to the "solution" learned), examples of how tool can be implemented in participant's workplace, and exercise (implementation to future or ongoing deal).


The workshops are instructed by seasoned negotiators.

(vi) Settings/Admin.

– Location: on-client site, or external facility.

– Audience: ~5 – 20 managers.

– Language: Hebrew or English.

– Equipment required: projector, loudspeakers, flip chart /drawing board.

– Slides will be sent in advance for handouts.