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Deal Consultaion

Transaction Consultation services means assisting our client to acheive the best deal possible, given its current business strength. Transaction Consultation includes the following:

Deal Structuring
Proposing the strategic negotiation positioning (the "framework" of the negotiation); providing a broad vision of available options and alternatives – around the negotiating table and away from it; deal structuring for maximum returns.
Core Negotiation Processes
Preparation for the negotiation process; analysis of the needs and state-of-mind of the other party; determining the appropriate negotiation tools and persuasion techniques to be used.
Negotiation Management and Execution
Having a local negotiation expert as part of your negotiating team; effective advice on the negotiation process; insightful "backboard" for brainstorming; help in determining the best "next step".
Process Facilitation
Acting in joint-appointment by both parties, as a proactive communication facilitator.
How does it work?
Meetings for preparation prior to an up-coming or on-going transaction, within a defined negotiation target. Behind-the-scenes consultation, with optional participation as a member of the negotiating team or leading it.
Transaction Consultation is DealMakers' forte and source of expertise. This experience is the cornerstone of all our other activities, be it Executive Nego-Training, group workshops, organizational negotiation support tools or advanced DDM seminars.