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Company Profile

DealMakers – Negotiators International is an international network of expert deal-makers and negotiators, focusing on enhancing the results of our client's transactions. We provide negotiation enhancement services to leading international and Israeli clientele, which include negotiation consultation, executive nego-training for continued negotiation outcomes and advanced negotiation workshops – in-house and for the general public.

 Transaction Enhancements our primary activity and forte, provided either for a negotiated deal (the client presents the deal partner), or in a business development model (we find the prospective partner).  DealMakers offers contacts, as well as closing capabilities.
Due to cultural influences, international deal-making requires additional expertise. DealMakers is comprised of an International Network
of local dealmakers and negotiation experts.  We see things the way your negotiation partner sees them.
DealMakers developed and utilizes Deal Design & Management (DDMTM) – negotiation strategies and methodologies used in our daily consultation and deal management. DDM is more fully described in the book Creating the Zone – Deal Design & Management.