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Women Negotiators

The Program for Enhancement of Women Negotiators


While research shows that women have a higher tendency to exercise communicative and collaborative negotiation patterns, statistics also show that women earn salaries 20%-30% lower than men (in most western countries) – doing the same job and better. This figure is based upon the patriarchial foundations of modern business, but might also be explained in part by the research noted above.

DDM provides ample positioning tools to set the negotiator on equal grounds with the other party. This enables womens' strengths of insightful reading of this person, resourceful creativity in problem solving and yes – being communicative and collaborative.


Adi Bershadsky heads DealMakers' Program for Enhancement of Women Negotiators, which includes (to-date) the following activities:

  • Women Negotiation Strengths – Experience and Insight: personal training and seminar.
  • DDM course for retiring famale IDF officers.