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Personal Executive Negotiation Training

One-on-one managerial coaching for DDM-based skills and expertise in deal structuring, core negotiation processes, and negotiation management and execution.

·         Noticeable up-grading of personal negotiation competencies, including in-depth comprehension of interaction processes, ability to strategize the structure and outcome of the negotiation process and deal, wise usage of negotiation and persuasion tools.
·         Acquisition of skills to lead and pace the discussion to the destined outcome.
·         Transfer from preparation of a negotiation, to planning it.
·         Achieving the maximum potential out of each deal.
·         Reaching the status of being the "negotiator of choice" in the eyes of one's superiors.
·         Enhancement of negotiation capabilities in English.
How does it work?
Periodical meetings (weekly/ bi-weekly) of 2 hours each.
At these meetings, the executive's ongoing negotiation challenges, whether daily or extraordinary, will be addressed and the DDM technique will be implemented in these transactions. The result is a hand-on grasp of the effectiveness of DDM, for use in the long term. Towards international deals – the entire process may be conducted in English.